May 15 2015 - New release during GeeCon 2015: v0.3 (Jupiter)

Today, during GeeCon 2015, I'm releasing a new version of Sailor! Version 0.3 Jupiter.
What's new from Sailor v0.2 Mars?
* Friendly urls
* Inspect function for better debugging => similar to a var dump
* Custom 404 pages
* Runs over Lighttpd, Xavante and Lwan web servers
* Relations
* Model generation (reading from DB)
* CRUD generation (reading from model)
* Theme and layout (now you can have multiple layouts inside a theme. e.g. 1-column and 2-column)
* Bug fixes and general improvements

Check here for more info: Sailor v0.3 Jupiter on Github
You can also watch the presentation about web development in Lua made during GeeCon here.