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3 Uses of Soy Lecithin

Companies across many types of industries need and rely on a reliable lecithin supply for a variety of different reasons. Many of us have likely heard of soy lecithin but probably aren’t that familiar with this versatile and useful food-derived additive. As the attached video explains, soy lecithin is a fundamental component of many processes and is widely used in the food manufacturing industry, among others.

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Here is a brief overview of some of the uses of lecithin and why it plays such an important role in the manufacture of food and other common products.

As an emulsifier and preservative, lecithin provides the ability to ensure a longer shelf-life and promotes the safety of many foods we eat every single day. Many of the foods, cosmetics, and products we use today also require lecithin as an emulsifier in the manufacturing and production processes. Additionally, as a food substitute, lecithin is often used as a healthier alternative for some types of fat, and as the aforementioned video highlights, even eggs. These are only a few of the many different uses of this versatile, safe, and healthy additive, and more than a few reasons to consider adding a little more lecithin to your world and diet too.

 Emulsifier and preservative


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