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Answering FAQs About Canine Veterinarian Surgical Services

If you need to bring your dog in for surgery by a veterinarian, you’re sure to have some questions. Each clinic will be different in their procedures and what they offer. However, the Drake Center follows a certain standard of care and service.

  1. What are some ways to get my dog ready for surgery?
    Make sure that they get a pre-surgery exam. Also, in many cases, you will have to get your dog to do a fast the night before until after the surgery.

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    Get everything ready for your dog so that there’s as little stress as possible when you leave for the surgery.

  2. How soon after surgery can I bring my dog home?
    In many instances, dogs are able to go home within a few hours of veterinarian surgical services. This means by late afternoon or evening, you can bring your pet back home.
  3. When can dogs start eating again?
    Some can start eating again the night of their surgery, about a few hours later. They may need to eat a smaller volume and a different type of food (for example, softer foods).
  4. Will my dog need pain medication?
    Some dogs end up needing pain medication after their surgery for things like spaying/neutering, wound repair, and anything major. If it’s something basic like a dental cleaning, they likely won’t be given pain medication.

These are a few of the most common FAQs. However, not every clinic is the same. Contact your local clinic to learn more!



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