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3 Stunning Ways to Boost Your Non-profit Business Online for Free

It’s definitely a tall order running a business with the virus around. In just a short time traditional brick-and-mortar businesses folded one by one. Nearly 4 % of small businesses in America closed shop at the onset. With many of them saying goodbye for good as the pandemic wore on.

But non-profits fared even harder. At a time when help is needed most, non-profit organizations are also fighting for their very lives. Experts detail that one-third of nonprofit organizations would come crashing. They would not be able to survive the pandemic recession. It’s sad but true.

Now, many nonprofit organizations are just a figment of the imagination, closing shop in these trying times. For many, the problem is basic: a lack of funds to keep going. Truth be told, as every major company and billionaire philanthropist today is taking a huge blow from the virus, finding major sponsors and benefactors can be an uphill climb.

The good news is all is never lost. Indeed, there are still a lot of things you can do to promote your business and keep it running. On top of that list is via online promotion. There are tried-and-tested ways you can promote your non-profit online — if you only know where to look. Listed are three of them.

Use Google Ad Grants for PPC

Right off the bat, are you aware of the Google Ad Grants offer? Many people are not aware of this program, and as a result, are missing out on this juicy platform.  Set up for nonprofit organizations, this can help you effectively advertise using Google. The best part is it’s for free.

With the pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategy, you can promote your business on Google. You may not realize it but you wouldn’t have to pay for this service as a non-profit organization.

Google and Microsoft release about $1 billion yearly to help non-profit organizations. You can partake in this and be part of the lucky ones to benefit from this amazing offer.

A mini-roadblock would be that the CPC bid can’t be more than $2.00, and you’re limited to $10,000 per month. But that amount of money should be more than you need to get online mileage. And as you’re not paying for this, it’s perfect.

You will need to do some registration for your nonprofit organization to qualify for the Google Ad Grants. Once you open an account and have a customer ID you can start the process of applying for the grants.

PPC in itself can be a bit complicated, especially if you have no idea how it works. Getting the Google Ad Grants can even be harder. In this regard, getting in touch with a reputable SEO services company should be wise. By doing so, you need not worry about how to work things out.

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Use Videos to Your Advantage

As a nonprofit organization, appealing to the emotions of the public is a necessary skill. You have to devise ways to make your proposals so that people are moved to sponsor and give to the course. So, the idea is to do things that will make a lasting impact in the hearts of people. And one way to do that is by doing a fantastic video.

Whenever you have presentations, ensure there is an impactful video you play. It doesn’t have to be a video of people associated with the organization (if it does, it would be a great idea). It could be a random video that is related to the message you are trying to pass across. And has bits of what your organization stands for.

With an emotional video, you can win over just about anybody. And this way, you can increase the number of sponsors for your business.

So, from now on, pay close attention to video marketing. You don’t need expensive equipment if you will be shooting the video yourself. As long as your phone’s quality is good, you should be good to go. Put in the mix social media and you should be able to promote your non-profit for free in a jiffy.

Opt for the “Donate Now” Button on Facebook

Facebook started the “Donate Now” feature in 2015 for nonprofit organizations that want to raise funds through Facebook. This has since been a great opportunity for nonprofit organizations considering that over 2 89 billion people are active users of Facebook. That’s a wide coverage if you ask.

What does it take to use this feature? All you need is to be verified on Facebook. So this means the organization’s page must be verified, and you are also based in the U.S.

And, of course, you have to agree to the terms and conditions of Facebook and then fill out a form. After this, you can start getting donations for your nonprofit organization. And before you know it, you will be back on your feet.


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