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Buying a Golf Cart What to Know

If you’re going to go golfing, you need a golf cart! In this video, you will learn everything you need to know about buying a golf cart.

First, you’ll want to know how old the battery is. Golf cart batteries are not known for their long life.

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Lithium batteries will be your best option. You might want to go with the 48-volt. Keep in mind that you won’t be going very far or very fast. You’ll be rambling around your neighborhood at about ten to fifteen miles per hour. Twenty at the most. While a golf cart is lower maintenance than a car, there will still be some maintenance. The batteries, tires, electronics, and other parts need to be maintained and sometimes replaced. Can you do the repairs yourself or is there a shop in your area you can take it to?

There are some extra features you may want to look into when purchasing a golf cart. If you live in the country, four-wheel drive is great. If you plan on taking other passengers around, bonus seats are the option you want to look for. If there are hills in your area, go for a bigger motor.

Look your potential new golf cart over before buying it and you’ll have a fun mode of transportation.

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