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Your Guide to the Basics of Site Remediation

Site remediation is a process that involves removing contaminated soil from a site and treating or discarding the soil off-site. The process usually starts with a phone call or email to the company that specializes in this field requesting an investigation to determine if the soil on the site is contaminated and an action plan to remedy the problem. The YouTube video highlights several key points under this term and breaks down several complex topics.

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What is Site Remediation?

Let’s look at this topic in its most basic form. Let’s say there is a site, and this site has an underground storage tank, a pipeline, or a refueling or waste area. The company is concerned that there has been a leak and the chemicals have seeped into the underground soil or water. This could potentially be very dangerous to the people living in the nearby areas. The company now has a responsibility to have the ground or water cleaned.

Upon request from the company, a specialist will come to the site and conduct a series of actions to determine the possibility of a leak, contamination, and possible remedies. These actions include preliminary risk assessments, site inspections, feasibility studies, and remedial action plans. The soil is then excavated and treated or disposed of off-site. It’s a complex process that requires time, careful planning, and thoughtful consideration. However, it’s a necessary procedure for any company that suspects possible contamination on their site.


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