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Brain Teasers and Math Logic Puzzles

One of the deficits that we face in society today is a lack of trying to work the mind. The importance of logic puzzles is something that we don’t really talk about but they were extremely helpful.

Math logic puzzles challenge the mind and ensure that you are growing your understanding of the world around you. One such challenge is the green-eyed prisoner brain teaser that makes you think about how to actually help a trapped population of people with green eyes.

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With only one statement to make with you as the only person to be allowed on the island, you have a big job. This type of problem makes it so that you have to dive into inductive reasoning. What is inductive reading? Inductive reasoning is taking what you have learned and applying it to a larger population.

As the only person on the island to know that all of the prisoners have green eyes, you have to provide a statement that allows the prisoners to follow a path of inductive reasoning which is why this problem is considered to be one of the many great math logic puzzles. The end result of telling the group that at least one person has green eyes leads to their total freedom. Can you figure out how?



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