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Continuous Door Hinges What Are They and Why?

According to this video, continuous door hinges will be the entire link of a frame or door and are geared. A continuous door hinge is best used for doors that are falling or have some type of sagging. This is a good way to prolong the life of a door and keep from having to replace it when it is a costly project.

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Almost immediately, this will help with the issues that may be happening with opening and closing the door. You may notice that the door closes faster, so be careful when slinging it open or closed.

A continuous door hinge can be placed on aluminum, wood, glass, and metal door options. This is great for commercial doors that get a lot of use being opened and closed daily. You can also apply these hinges to swinging gates that are used for perimeter control. These hinges can come in different sizes depending on the door, but they should be the majority of the length to work efficiently. If your property has multiple doors, you can put a continuous door hinge on each door. This is essential if you are finding the same issue with both doors, having difficulty opening them, or keeping them closed. If you do not adjust right away, the damaged door will start to affect the other.


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