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Crucial Tips for Garage Floor Finishing

This video delves into the steps of the garage floor finishing. The reporter starts by examining the floor to see if there is any sort of cure or sealer. He does this by checking to see if the water that was put down is pulling away from the floor.

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If so, then per the reporter, one could put down a degreaser on that spot and keep spraying the floor while still looking for more problem areas in the meantime.

Next, the reporter goes into the acid etching phase. Here one would want to use safety precautions and wear boots, gloves, and goggles. A tip that is given is that one will not want to use metal acid as it will react with the metal and one wants to keep your floor damp. Now that the acid etching is complete, the following step is to rinse whatever particles are left and to clean the floor as much as possible.

Furthermore, the last step is to add epoxy to the floor. This is a two-step process, the mixing step, and the painting step. Once the floor is painted, it is time to let it dry. If one wants, there is no harm in making a second coat. Once this is complete, your floor will be as good as new and finished.


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