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Understanding the Basics of Pneumatic Valves

Regarding pneumatic valves, there are some basics to keep in mind. The first of those is the compressor. These can vary in size because they produce different amounts of pressure. Depending on your building, you may need a larger or smaller compressor.

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The regulator will give you the amount of pressure, but you need to watch the compressor’s PSI.

The second part of pneumatic valve basics is tubing and connectors. Connectors help you release the pressure from your compressor, and you need the type to release at the desired rate. Not all tubing and connectors are made the same, so you need to get tubes that are the right size based on how much and how fast you are releasing the pressure. Tubes come in millimeter sizes; the larger they are, the more pressure they can release.

The final part of the basics includes cylinders and valves. The valves have both an input and output that let the air through. The cylinder can be either single-acting or double-acting. The latter has the ability to be more flexible if needed. Those are used in larger pieces. All of these parts are required to manage pneumatic valves and pressure appropriately. These components are the basics of managing pressure. The sizes and particular pieces all come down to the size and demand you have for pressure.


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