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Dental Care 101 Orthodontics and Equipment

In the video above, the reporter discusses orthodontic supply companies and interviews a dentist who talks about the specialty of orthodontics that deals with dental malocclusion. The dentist mentions that there are many tools used in orthodontics, but the most commonly used one is the multibracket appliance.

To begin the treatment, the dentist recommends a facial analysis, a study model analysis, and a radiographic analysis. The next step is to place the band, which requires opening a space for the band.

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A chew toy can be used to help the patient place the bracket correctly. Once the braces are placed, a mature plier and metallic ligatures are used to help place the brackets in place. Pliers are also used to help remove the band. Elastic separators are the first thing done to the patient. After a week, the separators can be removed and the band replacements can be added. Then the brackets are added.

In summary, the video delves into the most frequently utilized tools in orthodontic practices, offering insights into the treatment planning process. It covers the placement of orthodontic bands and provides valuable information for individuals considering or undergoing braces treatment. Additionally, the content is beneficial for those interested in pursuing a career in dentistry, offering a glimpse into the tools and procedures commonly employed in orthodontics.



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