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Packing Techniques Ordered vs Random

In the video above, the reporter explores the historical development of both ordered and random tower packing techniques used in industrial columns. From the earliest days of commercial columns, non-uniform materials like crushed rock and Jack chains were initially employed. The first generation of tower packing introduced a more ordered approach, featuring cylinders like the ratchet ring.

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Second-generation innovations in the 1960s aimed to increase the surface area per volume of packing by incorporating slots, holes, and fingers, with notable examples such as saddles and the pall ring.

Transitioning to the third generation, the video delves into proprietary random packing solutions that have been on the market for several years. These modern packing materials, designed to maximize vapor-liquid contact and minimize pressure drop, boast high open areas and intricate surfaces. The reporter highlights specific examples, including the Soldier Kim tech nutter ring, the Coke glitch cascade mini rings, and the Norton I MTP. Throughout the discussion, the importance of visualizing how these elements settle within a packed bed is emphasized, particularly the distinction between through-flow and around-flow types. With reduced form drag, these advancements enhance vapor and liquid flow efficiency in tower packing. The video provides valuable insights into the historical and contemporary innovations in both ordered and random packing, offering a comprehensive understanding of their impact on industrial processes.



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