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What Happens When You Recycle Cooking Oil?

In the video above, the reporter dives into the journey of used cooking oil recycling companies. He explains how the process begins with a driver, clad in Olleco uniforms and driving branded vehicles, collecting the used cooking oil. For those receiving fresh cooking oil from Olleco, the collection of used oil happens simultaneously with the delivery, saving time, reducing hassle, and cutting down on carbon emissions from multiple service trips.

Once the used cooking oil reaches one of Olleco’s processing sites, the real transformation begins.

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The team starts by removing the packaging for recycling and proceeds to extract food particles and water, which are redirected to anaerobic digestion plants, ensuring minimal wastage. The collected cooking oil underwent rigorous testing and analysis to evaluate its quality before moving to Olleco’s advanced biorefinery.

In the biorefinery, the cooking oil undergoes a series of refinement reactions and separation processes, converting it into biodiesel. The facility operates at the highest environmental standards, ensuring that the entire process adheres to sustainable practices. From the initial used cooking oil, Olleco creates biodiesel that boasts an impressive reduction in carbon emissions compared to fossil diesel, offering a significant environmental advantage. This intricate process not only showcases Olleco’s commitment to sustainability but also emphasizes the potential for transforming waste into an eco-friendly energy source.


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