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What to Do After Getting Your Masters in Public Administration Online

If you’re considering studying public administration, the attached video gives an excellent overview of the purpose of the degree, the career paths available, and the outlook for the industry. The presenter describes how getting a masters in public administration online can prepare for many great opportunities. It will help you if you are on the fence about whether to pursue the degree or not.

The presenter explains that the median salary for those with MPAs is relatively high and that the job outlook for the next decade is positive. In fact, opportunities on this path are expected to grow 7% between 2020 and 2030.

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After sharing the career outlook, the presenter dives into a few specific careers. One of those is on the local level as a regional planner. This field impacts the development of communities. Another career explored is that of community service manager, which ties with the social sciences and is a function of many organizations. Finally, the presenter discusses the title of emergency response specialist, which can be done at an extremely local level, or even federally.

As mentioned by the presenter, there are countless other jobs that cater to individuals with a master’s degree in public administration. This video is a good starting point to think about this track and its potential opportunities.



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